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Hello from Manitowoc!

We are an ethical family breeder of Aussiededoodles, AussieGoldendoodles, Labroadoodles, and Shepadoodles. We raise our puppies in our home with tender loving care. We know first hand the gift of therapy and emotional support dogs.


Our mission is to raise pups who will be steady and loving companions for their families.  Puppies are only adopted to approved families who will treat them like a member of their family!

Not just a business

Aussiedoodles are becoming widely sought after for their advancing skills in guiding, comforting, and being fantastic companions and therapy dogs for children with Autism and other Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Goldendoodles are recognized as wonderful therapy dogs for their loving and compassionate nature. Adding the qualities of the Australian Shepherd, also known as the "Aussie",  into the cross adds the wonderful herding, guiding, and gentle corralling nature that is instinctual to the Aussie. This makes a tremendous difference in the ease of training for the advanced abilities they will contribute to individuals and families looking for a dog well suited to meeting some of the various needs and comforts an Aussiedoodle provides.

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Our granddaughters, Kadenz (left) and Santanna (right)

It's our family's story

Our son, Zach, has special needs and our dear granddaughter, Kadenz, was autistic, so we know how important and beneficial it is to have a therapy dog. Our doodles are stalwart and steady, and loving companions to them and our family.  And the breeding program has allowed our dear son to grow and learn as he assists in the  breeding program.

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