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There are many things to think about before you get your puppy home. Here's a shopping list of things you might want on hand for you and your pup.  



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Shopping List

  • Food & Water Dishes

  • Food Storage Container

  • Retriever Rolls (Rolled Rawhide)

  • At least 2 pet safe toys

  • Pooper Scooper and/or poopy bags for walks

  • Leash and Medium sized adjustable collar

  • ID tag

  • Puppy bed (Sheep-skin or Sherpa style until you find out if chews much)

  • Medium to Medium/large Wire Kennel. (two doors are better than one)

  • Travel Bag: Towel, wipes, plastic bag, blanket, small bottle water, bowl.

  • Doggie Tooth Brush-Because its a good habit to keep up

  • Nail trimmer, pet safe scissors (rounded tip)

  • Pet Shampoo or Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner (works wonders)

  • Vet Contact Info

  • First Aid Kit: Bandages, Scissors, Tweezers, Neosporin, Super Glue/   
    Cornstarch (good for when trimming a nail to short to stop the bleeding)

  • Radio : to play for the first few nights alone. Pup will be used to a radio.

  • Bottle of Liquid Dewormer: type with Pyrantel Pamoate as main ingredient.

  • Frontline Plus topical medication for flea, tick, mosquito repellent

  • NOTE: Heartguard (Heartworm preventative) must be purchased from vet.

Crate & Kennel

Estimate 1 hour for every month of age up to 8 hours. All crates must allow for puppy to stand and turn around
comfortably. No wired bottoms as that is uncomfortable.

Use this as a safe spot, not as punishment.


Matter of preference. Be
absolutely sure to get all soap and
water out and that coat dries well
before putting collar on. wouldn't hurt.

Keep up with this! It keeps the"Quick" shorter so the nails can remain shorter

and your puppy will remain familiar

with it. The front nails do not get naturally worn down as much as the back nails.

Don't forget about the Dewclaw if your puppy has them yet.

Nail Trimming

Is your puppy getting into mischief? Puppy probably needs some more exercise.  Just like children they need
a recess and change of environment to learn and explore too.


Especially during the change from baby

to adult teeth. It will end, just be patient. Remove chew temptations and offer
safe options. Utilize crate time.
Keep cords and wires away because pups don't mind what they chew. Never hit for
chewing. NEVER!

Initially 3 times a day, then in a
few weeks to 2 times a day.
Do not "Free" feed/water until
housebreaking is achieved.
Keep food and water out of
reach during training phases.

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